handshakes business agreement sign of trust
Exceptional Customer Service begins with trust; image courtesy of unsplash

We know it is easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. It is well known that a 5% increase in retention of customers can increase your sales by up to 95%. We aim to keep 100% of our customers happy 100% of the time with our exceptional customer service.


Our focus has always been on the needs of our customers. This is how we deliver exceptional customer service at a local level. We are your professional cleaners, and you are our assets.  We appreciate it when you tell others when we do a good job. If something needs to be made right, we want you to tell us and allow us to fix the issue.

We have been in business for 27 years and we have earned 1,000s of satisfied customers. Whether it is cleaning your carpets or upholstery, or cleaning your entire office building, we strive to do it 100% to your satisfaction.



Our technicians are just nice people. They are the type of people who will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service. We love hearing our service agents and technicians in the field are doing great things for our customers. We wrote about one experience here.  Again, we live where our customers live, and our friendly employees treat others as they would like to be treated.



Our technicians are trained to ask for your satisfaction. If there is something that remains to be done to your satisfaction, please advise your tech before they leave the job site. We understand that sometimes things are overlooked, but we try to keep it at a minimum as much as possible. We go over everything you can expect from us when we arrive, and when we leave, we look for your complete satisfaction.



When delivering exceptional customer service to our residential or industrial clients, it is important for us to know that we have done everything we can to win positive feedback from you. The best feedback you can give us is a referral. We know that when something traumatic happens to your property-be it fire, flood, or graffiti, or happens to someone you know, we want our name, Service Master Minneapolis, and our advertisement, Demand the yellow van, to pop into your head for a referral. We empathize with our customers when damage occurs to their property, and we wrote about it here.



We strive to deliver excellent customer service here at Minneapolis ServiceMaster. We serve the local area as well as Hudson, Wisconsin. When a fire ravaged Saxon Lanes in Little Canada in 2014, we were on the job and working hard to restore the business. In this post, you can see that we delivered our completed job ahead of time. We go above and beyond at every job site!  We want to win your trust and your referrals, by providing you with exceptional customer service.



We are your local ServiceMaster, and we work hard to ensure that we deliver exceptional customer service with each call we answer.  You can expect us to show up with empathy and understanding of your situation as well as kindness and caring when we are cleaning your home. Whether the job is mold mitigation, tile and grout surface cleaning, or carpet, upholstery, & rug cleaning, we take pride in earning your trust and your referrals.


Call us with any of your cleaning needs. Our phones are answered 24/7/365 to help in your emergencies.