Halloween in spring? Perform a cleaning exorcism

Posted on April 16, 2015.

Its bizarro world Halloween indoors in the Minneapolis area right now. Think of all the ghostly and ghouly things that have been drug in all last winter season. Even though Minneapolis had a mild winter doesn’t mean there was less ghouls of last Fall/Winter (a.k.a. Germs, bacteria, dirt, allergens, salt, dead skin, dust, etc). All these ghostly/ghouly things have been trapped within your home all season. They have been tightly sealed in your home like a Tupperware petri dish bank of grossness.

How is this possible? Well, think of all the places your shoes have been. You’ve hosted a holiday or two, have attended a family/work function, or your pet’s paws. Don’t forget the kid’s and the schools they attend, and/or your work, both of which could have their blog about how dirty they are. These ghost and ghouls have hitched a ride to their final destination, “your home” where they have been living, breeding, and circulating for the last several months.

What to do?

Carpet Cleaning

Well first and foremost, get your carpets cleaned by ServiceMaster of Minneapolis, and take advantage of our spring carpet cleaning specials. Did you know that your carpeting acts as one big filtration system for your home, and since that pesky thing called gravity pulls everything to the floor they are continuously infested with all sorts of microorganisms?

Gross fact: Did you know that your carpeting can be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat? Pretty gross, and think about that the next time you are rolling around on your floor.

Get the disgusting out with ServiceMaster of Minneapolis’s Pro Carpet Cleaning Specials. ServiceMaster might not use holy water, but its hot, clean, and gets the grit out:

3 areas for $129

4 areas for $149

5 areas for $189 chandelier

7 areas for $239

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout is porous and traps dirt, bacteria, dirty water resulting in mold and mildew. It’s good idea to have your tile and grout sealed by the pros at ServiceMaster of Minneapolis on a regular basis.

Window cleaning

How’s it looking outside these days? Is your view a little hazy due to dust and fingerprints on the window, or do you have water spots from last season? Maybe you are all right with dirty windows, but if you are not, call the company who has perfected the window cleaning technique “ServiceMaster of Minneapolis” and schedule window cleaning before May 29, 2015 and received 10% off.

Stay tuned, and I’ll share other gross things in your house.
ServiceMaster of Minneapolis proudly serves the Twin Cities Area, and surrounding areas. We not only specialize in carpet cleaning, but we also provide services for water damage, fire damage/smoke damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.

ServiceMaster Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs. grocery store rentable carpet cleaner

Posted on April 10, 2015.

Your carpets are dirty, and you are at an impasse; do you run down to your local grocery store to rent their carpet cleaner for the day, or do you call the professional carpet cleaner ServiceMaster?

What is the better solution? Hopefully, this will help you out.


ServiceMaster has been perfecting carpet cleaning for over 50 years. Here are some of the perks to utilizing us for you carpet cleaning needs:

Equipment – Our truck-mounted systems are set up to steam your carpets at roughly 180 degrees. We then suck the dirtiness right out of your carpet and out of your house right back to our truck; leaving your carpets 90% dry when complete.
Spots – Some spots go deeper than the surface, and even for a high powered truck mounted suction these spots will sometimes come back. However, with our satisfaction guarantee, we will come back and re-clean any pesky stubborn spots that return at no charge to you.
Time – Depending on the size of a job, the average time to clean your carpets will take roughly 1½ hours start to finish.
Cleaning technique – Our carpet cleaners have experience, training, tools, and different pre-treating solutions to treat everything from everyday dirt to pet urine, and everything in-between.

Grocery Store Carpet Cleaner:

The local grocer cleaner will do an all right job, but it is no match for ServiceMaster’s Steam Carpet Cleaner. For Example:

Steam – The little carpet cleaning machines are not capable of producing the necessary steam breaking down most household spots and are essentially just wetting your carpet.
Suction – A little carpet cleaner will suck up some of the residue and water on the surface, but it will leave your carpets extremely wet.
Too much detergent – You might think you are helping the situation, but if you use too much carpet soap from the grocery store you will ultimately make your carpets dirtier because carpet shampoo from the grocery store attracts more dirt in the end.
Maintenance – Since you are using a community cleaner, don’t expect it to be running like it just came out of the box and that everyone before you used it as recommended.
Time – Your time is valuable, right? Think of the steps:

-Go down to the grocery store
-Sign a contract more intrusive than adopting a child
-Granted the release of the rental and load it into your vehicle
-Run home to maximize your rental time
-Move furniture
-Mix the solution, clean your carpets, dump the dirty water
-Repeat step 6 (vi) until you get the results you are looking for
-Wrap everything back up and head back to the grocery store?

How long do you think that will take? Couple hours? Half-day? Whole day?

In conclusion, if you want your carpets cleaned the right way please contact ServiceMaster, but if you want to settle for less, will you at least buy your groceries from ServiceMaster.

**Just kidding we do not sell grocery items, so why would you get your carpets cleaned from your local grocery store?

If you need your carpets cleaned call Kelly Doyle at 612-871-3885. Also, if you have a story of your own, or tips and tricks email me, and I will post the best ones.

ServiceMaster of Minneapolis proudly serves the Twin Cities Area. We not only specialize in carpet cleaning, but we also provide services in water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.

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