Tree Trimming is Important to Prevent Damage

Posted on October 26, 2020.


If you are a homeowner, it is important for you to have a relationship with a tree trimming company. For various and many reasons, trees are important for our homes, neighborhoods, and ecosystems.

Trees Pose Threats:

Trees can pose many potential threats to the homes around them. It may not be your tree that lands on your roof during a torrential downpour, but if there is a tree on your property, you are responsible if it falls on your neighbor’s house. Trees can do significant damage.

According to leaf & Limb, trees can do excessive damage when not properly maintained. Read more about the specifics here/

Healthy trees are less likely to damage property.

Hire a Tree Trimming Company:

Developing a relationship with a tree trimming company is like any other disaster service. You want to know who you plan to call when the need arises.

Having a relationship with a tree trimming company helps when there is storm damage, and everyone in your neighborhood is looking for help to remove large limbs. Sometimes tree trimming companies take care of existing customers before adding new customers to their rosters.

Trees can damage your home in the winter months as well. Ice storms bring large branches down on your homes.

Healthy trees add value to your property. Maintained and well-trimmed trees shed fewer branches and that means there is less upkeep when storms do blow through.


Healthy trees are important to your property values. Trees add significant value to your property, so don’t ignore their care.


Tips to Consider when Hiring a Tree Trimming Company:


Verify the company is licensed and bonded.

There should be licensing procedures in your county or city, and the tree trimming company must adhere to those regulations in order to be licensed. Licensing and bonding mean the tree trimming company has insurance. They will carry liability in case something goes wrong with your property or a neighbor’s property while they are working on your trees. It also means they treat their workers fairly and carry worker’s compensation. Usually, a list of licensed contractors will be available to view on your city website

Obtain a written estimate and sign a written contract.

You will want to know the total cost of the work to be performed upfront. You will also want to have a written description of the work to be performed on your trees. Be sure the written estimate and contract clarify who is responsible for the cleanup of limbs and debris. A written contract will also detail the dates of the work to be performed.


Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints:

You can check the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against them. You may wish to receive recommendations for the company from friends and family, or from Next Door or on Facebook.  Do your due diligence and check any recommendations you receive.


Trees Can Do Significant Damage:


If a tree breaks through your roof, you can have water damage.  If you have water damage, you can call ServiceMaster. We are experts at restoration from water damage and you can call us 24/7/365/.


Tree trimming may have helped this large tree which fell on a house during a summer storm
A very large tree fell on a house during a summer storm in MN. Tree trimming may have helped identify the problems beforehand.


A large tree is removed from the roof of a home where it fell in a summer storm
The tree is removed and a tarp will be placed. A bucket is used for tree trimming and removal.  A tarp will be in place until the roof can be repaired.


A large tarp covers the damage to the roof.
Although a large tarp covers the damage to the roof, water may have entered and water damage may have occurred. You can call ServiceMaster when you call the roofers and they can work together to protect your property from water damage.

Remove Mold from Your Home

Posted on October 20, 2020.

mold growing on a wall with dirty floors
It may be time to remove mold from your home

Mold infestations are one of the most common problems a homeowner can face. Whenever excess moisture seeps into your home, in a damp basement or attic, for example, it can cause mold growth leading to musty odors and serious damage. Remember, according to the CDC, mold can be harmful to the health of the home’s occupants. If you are curious about how to avoid this, here are the best ways to remove mold from your home.

1) Get Rid of Excess Moisture

First, try to get rid of any excess moisture in your home. The initial step in removing mold is to keep places in a home dry where mold is most likely to show up. Mold growth is especially prone in warm, humid areas. For example, bathrooms, basements, and attics have high potential for mold growth.

Installing an air conditioner is a good idea, since it takes in warm air, which holds more moisture, and circulates it out into the home as cool, dry air. Using a dehumidifier is another useful way to reduce humidity. At times when the air outside is dry, open your windows and use fans to circulate new air into your home and carry the old air out.

2) Remove Large Infestations

Beyond damp bathrooms, basements, and attics, mold can grow in unseen places. An example is behind drywall.  Mold growth behind drywall will leave you with a problem that you may not be aware of. If you notice a musty smell or stains on the walls, floors, or ceilings, the sheetrock will need to be cut out, removed, and replaced.

First, put on some old clothing that you can throw away once you are done.  Wear the appropriate safety equipment, including gloves, goggles, and a respirator. Turn off power to the room, including your HVAC system, and seal off the room with plastic sheeting and duct tape. Probe the visible stained or soft spots with a screwdriver to pinpoint mold. Use a drywall saw or utility knife to cut out the infested area. Mist with the pump sprayer to control spores flying around.  Then, double-bag the material in heavy plastic bags and tie the bags off. Put in new insulation and drywall, replace the trim, and repaint using paint that contains mildewcide.

3) Use Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes, using simple cleaning solutions on mold will help remove the problem from your home. Many are inexpensive and can be found at your local grocery or hardware store. Try one of the following cleaning solutions to remove harmful mold growth.

  • Ammonia – cannot be used on porous surfaces like wood and drywall and also contains harmful fumes.
  • Baking soda – both mild and safe while also acting as a deodorizer. Unlike the other solutions mentioned here, baking soda can be used on porous surfaces.
  • Bleach – highly effective when used on moldy surfaces. Similar to ammonia, bleach is ineffective on porous materials. Bleach also contains harmful fumes.
  • Borax – unless swallowed, borax is safe and does not give off dangerous fumes. Use it on nonporous surfaces. To prevent future growth, do not wipe it off when finished cleaning.
  • Vinegar – while not quite as effective as bleach or ammonia, vinegar is safe and does not give off harmful fumes. Use vinegar only on nonporous surfaces.

4) Hire Mold Remediation Specialists

If you are experiencing mold growth in your home, it may be time to contact a mold remediation professional. With their high-tech, specialized equipment, extensive experience, and unique skills, these professionals can identify and take care of the problem quickly and effectively. Of course, you can always hire a specialist to conduct an inspection of your home, having them provide you with the right recommendations so you can take care of the problem yourself. However, sometimes it is easier, faster, and safer to have a professional tackle the mold issues facing your home.

Contact ServiceMaster Today for All Your Mold Remediation Needs

For the best mold remediation services in the Twin Cities, get in touch with ServiceMaster today. We use our expertise and experience to help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. With our commitment to exceeding client expectations, we’re prepared to fulfill your unique water damage restoration needs.

From mold remediation, removal, and prevention, our team will provide you with an affordable solution. No matter what type of damage your home is facing, the home restoration technicians at ServiceMaster will help get your property back to its working conditions and your life back on track.  You can call us when you need to remove mold from your home.

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This is an updated blog.  You can find the original blog, published on August 12, 2018, here.

Water Damage in Iowa: ServiceMaster Helps for Six Weeks!

Posted on October 13, 2020.


Water damaged their homes. Waiting was the hardest part. In the uncomfortable aftermath of straight-line winds racing through your neighborhood at over 110 mph, blowing your roof off, and disturbing the contents of your home, waiting. Waiting and knowing that someone is coming to help clear out the damage and restore your home.

Mold grows quickly.

Mold begins to grow rapidly. The power is out and the humidity is nearly unbearable. The air is generally just heavy, and your spirits are downtrodden. Not knowing when someone can come to help is the worst part, waiting. Waiting for someone to help your home damaged by water.

Water damage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa kept ServiceMaster busy this August. The news companies called the storm a derecho. ServiceMaster sent five crew members for an entire six weeks, the rest of the team transferred back-and-forth with a week on and then a week off. There were not enough contractors in the area to help with all the damage from the storms.

The clients were so relieved to see ServiceMaster.

The residents the crews helped were grateful for the service and the crew members were so happy to be helpful. It is a lot of work going through personal possessions and archiving and taking pictures of everything as an inventory for everything damaged for your insurance company, but the crews from Minneapolis were happy to be of help.

One woman called and had been waiting for a company from Florida who never showed up, she was locked up in just part of her home because she had partially working lungs. She was so grateful she cried when the team arrived that same day and started enlarging her living space.

That is a thing, believe it or not. You stay in your home when it is damaged. Sometimes you do not stay in the damaged home, but these people did. They just worked around everything that was sopping wet until the contractors could come and help them.

A great job was done in Iowa.

All said and done, the team helped 28 homes plus one condominium complex with 12 units in just six weeks.

Above, you will see a photo of a customer’s roof that had been completely blown off. ServiceMaster had to deconstruct the entire interior of their home. In the days following the storm, the rain continued to fall, and this customer needed to keep rainwater out of their home to prevent additional water damage. Servicemaster crews are not roofers, but all of the roofing companies in the area were booked for the next few months. The ServiceMaster crew had to devise a way to protect this customer’s home from rainwater until a contractor could rebuild their roof, so the crew framed up a roof and tarped it. This repair was very effective, and the homeowner was ecstatic.


You can contact ServiceMaster if water damage, large or small hits your home.

The Ultimate Winter Cleaning Checklist

Posted on October 6, 2020.

Winter Cleaning Checklist

Why winter cleaning?

Winter cleaning is important before the snow flies.  Ahh, that uncomfortable time of year when the days get shorter, the temperature starts to drop, and it begins to feel more like winter. The holidays are coming around and it is about time to pull out the decorations.

While most of us strongly prefer the transition from winter to summer, making the most of this time of year makes all the difference – so getting a head start on your winter cleaning is always a good idea.

You have heard of spring cleaning, but how about winter cleaning? While winter does not convey the same refreshing feeling of spring, that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your home even when there is snow on the ground.

So, if you are looking to jump on your winter cleaning, here is an official Winter Cleaning Checklist to keep your home looking healthy. You may want to modify or tweak this list depending on your home’s needs – it is by no means comprehensive, but it will get you started down the right path. If you are responsible for maintaining your property, you may want to consider doing some end of the year yard work before the snow comes. Do not forget to check off clearing out your gutters from all of the fall debris.

Change Furnace Filter

Why you should be doing it: A furnace filter that is clogged with dust, pet dander, and other particles will cause your furnace to work harder because of decreased airflow. Clean your filter to keep your furnace functioning to full form.

Clean Dishwasher

Why you should be doing it: Avoid a buildup of germs, food debris, and soap scum by cleaning your dishwasher.

Clean Your Microwave

Why you should be doing it: A microwave that is not cared for and cleaned regularly will be filled with food debris and other bacteria.

Clean Toilets

Why you should be doing it: Everyone’s favorite activity! It goes without saying what the importance is of cleaning your toilets. In the spring and winter months, it is nice to clear any hard water deposits from the sides of your toilets.  It is a good winter cleaning checklist activity.

Clean Vents

Why you should be doing it: Vents can get clogged with substantial deposits of dust or debris if they are not cleaned often.

Clean Washer and Dryer

Why you should be doing it: As expensive items to replace, help your washer and dryer run more smoothly and efficiently by cleaning them. There can be a build up inside the washer, so be sure to hit all surfaces and remove any soap scum.  Do not forget the dryer vent. Dryer vents collect lots of dust and need regular removal.

Dusting (surfaces, corners, edges)

Why you should be doing it: Because dust can carry pathogens that can cause illnesses, it is important to make sure you take the time to dust. It will also make your home more accommodating for those who are allergic to dust.

Go Through Your Pantry

Why you should be doing it: The winter is a good time to go through your pantry and get rid of expired food before you find yourself stocking up again, which we tend to do during the winter months and all of the holidays that come our way.

Oil Furniture

Why you should be doing it: Oiling wood furniture will help accentuate patterns in the wood and will keep your furniture safe from the environment, especially if it is outside.

Switch Out Your Clothing

Why you should be doing it: We can all be guilty of keeping too many clothes. Winter is a great time to go through your wardrobe and see what you wore in the warmer months vs. what you didn’t. Get rid of those clothes by either selling or donating them. Nothing feels better than a refreshed closet!  The Minnesota Monthly just compiled a list of places that accept donations.  Click HERE for more information.

Touch Up Paint

Why you should be doing it: Keep your home looking fresh and up to date with paint touch-ups regularly.


Why you should be doing it: There are plenty of reasons to vacuum your home, such as getting rid of insects that are seeking shelter in your carpet or rugs, skin cells that have fallen off of people, and other particles and debris that may be caught in your floor. Gross!  Pull your vacuum apart and clean that too!

Wash Baseboards

Why you should be doing it: Baseboards are sometimes forgotten when it comes to cleaning your home. Make sure every detail of your home is looking good by washing your baseboards too.

Wash Bathroom Counters

Why you should be doing it: Your bathroom can contain a lot of bacteria and germs. Make cleaning your counters not just a winter cleaning checklist, but a weekly one.

Wash Floors

Why you should be doing it: It is important to wash your floors from time-to-time to get rid of any bacteria that may be lingering around, especially in the kitchen.

Wash Rugs

Why you should be doing it: Keep your rugs soft, get rid of stains, and keep your home healthy by getting rid of dirt, dust, and crumbs while washing your rugs.

Wash Walls

Why you should be doing it: You will often find marks on your wall, especially if you have kids, and wonder, well how did that get there? Instead of leaving those marks to accumulate over time, find some time to clean up your walls and keep your home looking pristine.

Wash Windows

Why you should be doing it: It is so nice to have clear windows, and with the sun beating on them all summer, there are certain to be some dust spots.  Get out your squeegee and window washing kit and make the glass shine.

Wash Out Garbage Cans

Why you should be doing it: As you know, garbage is smelly. So, it stands to reason that your garbage cans themselves will eventually start to smell as well. Washing them out every now and then will certainly help.

A Little Overwhelmed With Your Winter Cleaning? Call ServiceMaster Today!

ServiceMaster has been a leader in the cleaning industry for more than 50 years. The high-quality service we are committed to providing for our clients has led to ServiceMaster being the preferred cleaning choice for many home and business owners.

When we come into your home or business, you can rest assured your possessions will be treated with the best care. The cleaning your property receives will be of the highest quality. No matter the size of the job, big or small, we will get it done for you!

This is an updated blog.  You will find the original blog published on October 22, 2018 Here.


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