a burst pipe

Burst pipes usually happen in the winter due to freezing water. So, keep your heat on and your water flowing. Do not reduce your heat in any area where pipes are located. If there is heat, pipes will not freeze. If you are leaving town for an extended period, have someone monitor your house. 


Tips to prevent freezing pipes. 


  • Set up a ventilation system like fans to keep warm air blowing into cold rooms. 
  •  Open your bathroom vanity doors or cabinet doors so that the pipes have access to warm air and will not freeze. 
  •  Opening doors is true for pantries and closets as well. If you have pipes hidden in pantries and closets, leave the doors open so that warm air has access, and the pipes will not freeze. 
  •  Disconnect hoses to outdoor faucets. They must not have hoses on them or they will freeze. This includes hoses graded for outdoor frosts as well.  Make sure you detach the hose, drain the water, and then close the faucets. Be sure to shut off the valve completely. 
  •  Keep your garage door closed. It seems simple enough but garage doors being left open on accident is a common cause of many pipe bursts. 
  •  Use a hairdryer if you recognize a freezing pipe. You can warm a freezing pipe and then run water through it to mitigate the damage.   

 A pipe bursts in your home, now what?   

 You will want to take quick steps to mitigate any damage if you find a burst pipe in your home. Call the plumber immediately.  It may take hours for them to get to you, depending on your location and their schedule. If safe to do so, shut off the water supply and electricity. Do not wade into the water for fear of electrocutionOpen faucets to relieve pressure from the main and any water in the pipes. Start bailing water with a mop and buckets or a shop vacuum.  The House Wire has a good blog on how to use a shop vac. Set up fans to increase ventilation. 

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