An obituary to our fallen water damage and carpet cleaning vans.
Today I was walking by the ServiceMaster bone yard of retired water damage and carpet cleaning vehicles. They were all sitting there in solitude waiting for the day they met their inevitable fate of a real junkyard or just sold for parts and scrap. Whatever is decided of these retired water damage and carpet cleaning vehicles, one thing is for sure, these vehicles were truly the unsung workhorses of ServiceMaster.

As I opened each to look at the odometer, it was like cracking the seal of a musty odor filled time capsule filled with memories of past carpet cleanings and water damages. Each vehicle has its rich history of services dating back to 1998 and mileages ranging from 137,816 miles to an impressive 258,642 miles.

Each van was pushed to its limits daily, running around the clock, powering their gasoline engine truck mounted vacuum system inside it. These vans come with a hefty price tag when you figure in the Van, truck mounted vacuum, paint job, and decals; each truck’s costs roughly $75,000.00, and that doesn’t account for the continuous maintenance of each vehicle. Over time, it adds up.

Regardless, these trucks have been through it all in rain, snow or shine. Flooded basements, backed up sewers, sucking up water after a fire department doused the flames, water damages of all forms and sizes, and don’t forget carpet cleaning. In their tenure, any given van will have sucked up thousands upon thousands of gallons of dirty water out of homes and businesses across the Minneapolis and its surrounding cities.

The technicians who run the vans should not be forgotten either. Each tech is paired with a van and in some way they have a relationship with his/her vehicle. They are knowledgeable about the different quirks and tricks to sustaining their mighty machine, but unlike its counterpart the van does not get a break after a long day/week/year. If there is work to be done, it is expected to keep up with the demands of whatever is thrown at it, with the expected destiny of complete and utter degeneration.

Even though they are inanimate objects, and they do not feel, live, breath; they are still a vital part of the ServiceMaster unit. They are a momentous tool in how we are capable of providing service to our customers. They are the Silver to our Lone Ranger, our Trigger to our Roy Rogers, but now they have done all they can do and are put out to pasture.

Farewell, you mighty beasts!

ServiceMaster of Minneapolis proudly serves the Twin Cities Area, and surrounding areas. We not only specialize in carpet cleaning, but we also provide services for water damage, fire damage/smoke damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.