glass cleaner spray bottle and paper towels

Have you ever tried to wash your windows and been left with nasty streaks? Or maybe you’ve washed the windows and noticed that they don’t seem very clean. Its a terrible feeling looking back at a big window washing project and realizing that it doesn’t look like your windows even got washed.

We’re writing today to share with you the eight best glass cleaners for your home. Soap and water always work, but sometimes you need a more robust and more efficient cleaner to get the job done.

Let’s jump in and see what some of the best cleaners on the market are and why.

1. Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Best Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner is a great product that’s guaranteed to leave a streak-free shine. This product has excellent reviews and is said to be able to eat through grease, glass stains, and dirt. Consider this product if you have particularly dirty windows or if you need a very versatile product.

You might also consider this product if you have glass fireplace windows. Sprayway can eat right through the stains from heat and smoke that can seem to be baked onto fireplace glass windows.

2. Windex – Orginal Glass Cleaner

Best Glass Cleaner

Windex is the tried and true, budget-friendly, does all cleaner. You might remember Windex from the craze in the ’80s and ’90s that claimed it was good for anything. Windex, also making an appearance in the hit film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” is a great all-around product. While it’s most likely not a good decision to apply Windex to your wounds, it’s never a bad idea to use it for cleaning up your windows.

This product invented in 1933 and redesigned after World War II is an excellent option if you’re looking to keep it simple.

3. Method Natural Glass + Surface Cleaner

Method Glass Cleaner

Natural cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in health concerns surrounding the cleaning industry. One of the hardest parts about looking for an excellent all-natural cleaning product is that they don’t always work as well. You won’t have to worry when it comes to the Method Natural Glass + Surface Cleaner. This product, made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials, leaves your house smelling fresh and clean.

The downside to Method products is that they don’t cut through dirt and grease, while some of the other cleaners do. But, the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic!

4. Weiman Glass Cleaner

Weiman Glass Cleaner

If you have an especially greasy or dirty surface, this glass cleaner is going to be the perfect thing. Known for its ability to cut through grease, the Weiman Glass Cleaner works hard and specializes in fighting grease. The Weiman cleaner uses a foaming spray to eat through all the dirty surfaces you spray it on. Some consumers have found that this product does exceptionally well if you use it to clean out a microwave. Not quite a glass window, but still an impressive mess to clean up!

5. The DIY

best glass cleaner

Along the lines of the natural cleaner is the DIY cleaner. A lot of people have chosen to start making their cleaning products because of the financial benefits and health benefits. A simple glass cleaner can be made using water, vinegar, and a drop of essential oil to add a scent (lemon is a good choice).

After mixing the three ingredients, you can put them into a reusable spray bottle. This solution won’t work the same way as some of the other cleaners, but it’s a very healthy and earth-friendly solution.

6. Branch Basics: Streak Free

branch basics

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar and you don’t want to take the time to mix up a solution, then you might consider this product made by Branch Basics. This business has been creating clean and chemical-free cleaners while educating people about the effects of chemicals on our bodies. In addition to being a health-conscious cleaner, Streak Free works well on all glass types, including electronics, mirrors, and windows.

7. Windex Original Glass Wipes

Windex Glass Wipes

For a quicker cleaning process or spot cleaning, then you might want to try this great product from Windex. These wipes use the Windex original formula to help speed up your cleaning process. Just wipe it on and let the rest evaporate! These wipes work well, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can get by on just wipes…

8. For Your Car: Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

best glass cleaner

Car windows and windshields can be tricky to clean because of the slope. It’s never fun to spray some cleaner onto the windshield and have it run all down the dash. With Invisible Glass, the cleaner stays in one spot and sort of sticks there until you wipe it off.

This should be a go-to product next time you clean your car windows.

All-Natural Cleaners

If you have kids or pets in your home, then you might be wondering what’s in the cleaning products that you use. That’s an excellent question and a good thing to be asking yourself. You may want to consider using more all-natural cleaning products to help protect your family against some of the harsh chemicals often found in cleaning supplies. For more info on natural cleaning products, check out this article!

Hiring A Professional

Cleaning your windows can be a real hassle, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time. If you require a professional cleaner, then reach out to Service Master. We have multiple locations and provide all of the cleaning services that you need to keep your home or commercial building sparkling clean.

We also pride ourselves on using products that leave your house free of chemicals and safe for your family or employees.