Due to the misadventures of my Super Bowl party I get the privilege of taking advantage of our open carpet cleaning schedule these coming weeks, and if you are like me you can do the same!

Depending on whom you were rooting for this last Super Bowl Sunday you were either completely devastated, extremely overjoyed. OR you could positively in no way care that the Patriots were able to pull off a huge upset Sunday over the Seahawks, and were a prisoner of this great event.

Like so many of us across these great United States, this one day each year, large masses of spectators enjoy the Great Super Bowl feast. We tend to overindulge in unhealthy foods like Buffalo Wings, Pepperoni Cheesy pizza dip, chocolate chip blonde brownies slathered in caramel sauce and ice cream, nachos, and washing it all down with a dark cola (or substitute your food items of choice). All while watching the big game, and it’s commercials.

And for any of you out there with children you know that it is tough enough to go through a typical meal without them spilling, splashing, or dropping something on the floor. This margin of mess probability quintuples when you are eating on top of stainable surfaces such as carpeting and/or upholstery. For those of you who do not have children of their own. I am sure you can relate to the mess rule by substituting a messy child of your own with a dirty friend, a sloppy uncle, an untidy neighbor, etc.

On game day we all need to be comfortable when watching the biggest game of the year, right? So common sense all points to eating this smorgasbord of sloppy goodness in the living room, and to make the situation a little more interesting. The food then needs to be placed on an already overcrowded small coffee table, so when limbs are flailing about you can watch the food fly as well as the emotions.

Typically I would have laid down bath towels, bed sheet or even a drop cloth as a preventative measure against the mess rule. Instead this time I thought I would tempt Murphy’s law, which he was relentless, to say the least.

Let’s just say I got the full use out of my Scotchgard carpet protector Sunday night and thanked God for the pause function of my DVR. Freezing the game to *blot* wing and cheese sauce out of the carpet (courtesy of my foster son), apply Spot Hero to the saucy spot (courtesy of ServiceMaster), and blot again.

Then not even 20 minutes later I had to pause a commercial to sop up 20oz of cola with a towel and repeated the blotting process again. All this while eating a large slice of humble pie, because I just finished lecturing my foster son about being careful when eating in the living room.

Silver lining, the food was good, and it was an great game because the Pats won! However, now it is time to get the carpets thoroughly cleaned, and prepare for the next big gathering.

*REMINDER: if you ever have a spill on your carpet you should always remember to blot the spot and not scrub, because scrubbing ruins the fiber of the carpet and further embeds what spilled.

If you need your carpets cleaned call Kelly Doyle at 612-871-3885. Also, if you have a story of your own, or tips and tricks email me, and I will post the best ones.


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