ServiceMaster Minneapolis is grateful for the working relationship it has established with Lifetime Fitness over the past half-decade, having the opportunity to serve many of their fine clubs throughout the greater Minneapolis metro area. In all aspects, Lifetime Fitness promotes a clean way of living while opening up the never-ending doors of self-improvement for all of its members. As a company, they know the importance of a healthy environment and how it is directly tied to living a healthy life.

The carpeting in your home, or your business, is the biggest indoor air-filter you have. Keeping it clean and in good health goes well beyond aesthetics, though aesthetics are quite important as well. A regular carpet cleaning schedule, routine carpet cleaning maintenance, much like a work-out routine, is key to both. Want something to last? Maintain it well and it will.

The Carpet and Rug Institute by way of most carpet manufacturers recommends regular carpet cleaning, and that it be done at least once every 12-18 months. It is something to think about. Because, while it is doubtful, you as a homeowner, have the type of foot-traffic as one of the preeminent health clubs does… the more proactive you are in maintaining its health, the better it will look, feel, and the longer it will last.

The price of maintaining something is almost always less than the cost of waiting to.



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