vandalized midtown sheraton of minneapolis boarded up windows and doors
The Sheraton is boarded up for disaster cleanup

Disaster clean-up is dangerous work

ServiceMaster specializes in disaster cleanup. “The vandalism was surreal. There were needles everywhere, holes in the doors, and human feces where it does not belong,” said Jason S. the crew lead for the ServiceMaster team cleaning up the Sheraton Midtown after vandals broke into the hotel and set up camp. It was random and rampant; it looks as if they had been living there. For several days, vandals moved from room to room in the 140-room hotel, not operational, in Midtown, Minneapolis. When George Floyd lost his life on Saturday, June 7th and protests began in earnest, the owner of the hotel found vandals had moved in and cleared them out.

After dark, violence erupted. At the hotel, more vandals must have found their way in, because there were remnants of Molotov Cocktails and makings for more in rooms cleaned by the ServiceMaster Crew. There was one day that ATF was on the site, looking at questionable packages. ATF has cleared the way for restoration, which is where ServiceMaster shows up. First, they boarded up the windows and doors that were broken and unusable.

Disaster Clean-up is a Big Job

It is a big job, cleaning up after vandals. There have been days that it has been a dangerous job as well. It is hazardous when you are dealing with needles and human excrement that adds to the level of cleaning. Biohazards are just one part of the disaster recovery service you can count on when you hire ServiceMaster to complete the job.

When cleaning out a property, you try to save what you can. This was a total loss. The insurance adjuster also made several appearances. There are things that need to be coordinated with the insurance company. Disaster cleanup needs documentation. Every day the crew takes many photos.

Disaster Clean-up After Vandals

“It was not their property to destroy, which is why we must take photos of everything for the insurance adjusters, and we are happily doing this,” said the ServiceMaster crew on site. “Some days there are as many as 40 workers in Midtown, Minneapolis. We want to help the business owner recoup from his losses as quickly as possible.” It has been devastating, and disaster cleanup usually is. Sometimes it is a family home hit by a tornado or a family room in the basement completely damaged with sewer backup. This specific disaster is just so profound. ServiceMaster, MN has never dealt with the damage and destruction at this scale before. This is 140 rooms. “We go room by room and we gut and remove. Trucks and dumpsters haul away the debris. We estimate it will take eight weeks to completely clean.” ServiceMaster teams added to the conversation.

In at least two of the rooms, the beds were burned. There was at least one pop and ice machine destroyed. Vending machines were emptied. Televisions were ripped from their mounts in the rooms on the walls. Garbage was strewn everywhere. There was water damage from the sprinkler system to contend with as well. After the fires, the sprinklers engaged, and everything became wet and damaged.

Disaster Clean-Up Continues

As the days go on, the cleanup continues, and the morale of the team working is high. The crews are making a difference. There is security on-site and each day brings improvement to the project. Early on it was garbage and decimation. Now, they are documenting and cleaning up debris. The ServiceMaster team is happy to help the owner, it has been such an unfortunate situation for his business.

Disaster cleanup is one of the many services that ServiceMaster prides itself on providing, comfort and satisfaction in even the worst circumstances. There are many jobs that ServiceMaster takes on from hoarding to trauma cleanup. These crews are happy to report to work and feel that they are making a difference. ServiceMaster wants you to know that they are a name you can trust. Even before disaster strikes, you have their yellow vans in your mind. Preparation is key. We write about how you can prepare for an emergency you might face here.

Not All Disasters are Natural

In the end, disaster cleanup is never fun for anyone involved. Disaster cleanup is hard work and the ServiceMaster team rises to the occasion. They are on-site, clearing, cleaning, taking inventory, and documenting since the damage cleanup began. It will take time, but the ServiceMaster team will help the business owner come out on the other side of an exceptionally large disaster.