servicemaster restore yellow work van

Disaster Restoration and Recovery is a specialized field. We are known for many things here at ServiceMaster, but none makes us as proud as the work we do with Disaster Restoration and Recovery. Our experts are trained to recognize what needs to be done first to mitigate more damage. We work with our customers to provide the quickest recovery possible.


When Disaster Strikes

Whether it is your business location or your home, Disaster Restoration and Recovery are important at all times of the day. Disasters can happen at any time of the day, which is why our phones are answered 24/7. We are on call 365 days of the year because we recognize that disaster does not adhere to our holiday schedule in America. Knowing that you may need us on a major holiday, we work hard to be available to you. We will be present in your time of need.

Natural Disasters

Tornadoes, straight-line winds, and water damage happen frequently during April through September here in the Midwest. Ice storms and damage from ice dams can happen all winter. We are aware of what types of damage these natural occurrences can have with your home. Water seeps through a leaking roof, and you have a much bigger problem. You can call us any time to assess the damage from a storm, and we work with your insurance company adjuster as well.

Mold and BioHazard

Mold can seem like a natural disaster has struck your home if the mold is found to be behind sheetrock or paneling. Often, it feels like everything is ruined in your home when you find mold. We are mold remediation specialists and we are adept at saving what we can. The same is true when there are biohazards present.

Fire Damage and Hoarding Cleaning

Fires of any can wreak havoc. Smoke damage and water damage are present anytime there is a fire on your premise. Hoarding Cleaning is also a recovery effort. We work with the sensitive nature of the situation to recover your valuables and search out what can be saved.

Trauma Scene Services

There are times when the unforeseeable happens in your home or your place of work. We work quietly and quickly to get things back to normal as fast as possible. We are sensitive to the nature of trauma scenes and cleanup work. As disaster restoration and recovery experts, we know the best route for cleanup and mitigation.


Have A Plan

September is National Preparedness Month, and FEMA and others suggest you have a plan in place, whether for business or home.  Know that you can always look to the yellow ServiceMaster van as a friend during rough times. Our van and the presence of our Disaster Restoration and Recovery experts bring a sense of calm to the chaos. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and meeting your needs. Recognizing the yellow van from ServiceMaster gives peace of mind that order will be restored.


Disaster can strike at any time but knowing that you can call ServiceMaster to help with any Disaster Restoration and Recovery needs you might have brings peace of mind. We staff our phones 24/7/365 as we know disaster has no timeline. Recognize our yellow vans and ask for us by name. We will work with your insurance adjusters as well.