Fall of 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit, 4 technicians and 1 manager from ServiceMaster Minneapolis volunteered to help assist the Stamford, New London franchise with their considerable workload. The wreckage from the storm was great. It spanned much of the coastline for the Upper Northeast. Still, even today, things are not fully restored to all of the affected cities and regions.

There was work to be done in Minneapolis, for certain, but the necessary sacrifices were made for the 5 members of the Minneapolis franchise to accommodate these rather dire needs. In the end, it was a miracle that there was even a hotel with vacancies. Many of the surrounding areas took up temporary residence in hotels on the outskirts of the damaged areas. Other restoration franchises as well.

The worksites visited spanned from: downtown New York commercial properties, and all the way out to homes in Greenwich, Connecticut, along the Atlantic coast, where the water line had filled the entire basements of entire neighborhoods and 2-feet up on the main level of each home. Each site presented its very own specific types of challenges, fried electrical and other types of severe damage. All job sites were hazardous, in terms of the run-off from the ocean and in terms of the sewer system being overflown. Dumpsters were weeks, maybe months out also.

In the end, the work provided a valuable experience. The knowledge of knowing your work is going to help those in great need. In some cases, it was a first glimpse of New York, and at its most vulnerable state. Nighttime in certain areas was martial law, whole sections of the great city were shaded black in the night. The work itself was a 2-week trip for most involved, lending time away from family and the familiarity of everything and home.

The area is still working its way toward being restored, and it has been a long and trying process for all of whom had to endure. And endure they have.

It was a rewarding experience being called upon to help.