A recent Star Tribune article reports on the flood that hit a posh Minneapolis residential complex in the Elliot Park neighborhood as a result of a broken main water pipe. Prompt action averted what could have been more serious damage, although the lower part of the building was substantially inundated.

The cause of the break was not clear Sunday but Laible said breaks can sometimes be related to shifting soil or weather.

The pipe, which was laid before 1900, had no history of breakage. Sunday’s incident was the first, he said.

Shortly after the water came rushing out, workers were able to isolate the break and shut off the water valves in as small an area as possible.

It was not known Sunday how much water spilled due to the break or a damage estimate, Laible said.

Sunday afternoon, large hoses continued to pump water out of the basement and first level of the Sexton building. It was unclear how many people had to leave their condos and apartments because of the break or when they will be able to return.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Water main break floods Sexton Lofts, Star Tribune, October 20, 2013)