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Chimney Inspections can help you reduce fire hazards and can save you costly repairs.

Fire Hazards: A two-part series on Chimneys & Fireplaces and what you need to know–

Before you hang the stockings in front of the chimney with care, consider what care your wood-burning fireplace requires. Wood Burning Fireplace maintenance helps reduce fire hazard risks.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends a chimney inspection every single year. Chimney inspections ensure that all your systems are in working order and operating as they should. Most homeowners then have a chimney sweep clean their chimney every year as well. The timeline for having your fireplace cleaned depends on how often and how much you burn in your fireplace. The recommended checks occur yearly, more if you burn a lot or notice performance issues.

Odor can be another warning sign. If you smell a campfire after your fire is out, you may need to have your chimney checked again. You need to clean your chimney more often if you burn pine or burn wood on a regular basis. A chimney inspection will tell you if you need your chimney swept and cleaned as well. Do not risk the chance that an undiscovered defect in your chimney could turn into an expensive repair, or worse yet, a chimney fire. We are damage restoration experts, and we see the devastation from chimney fires.

Even if you only use your fireplace minimally an inspection is still advised annually to look at all the heating venting systems, chimneys, stove systems, and furnace flues in your home. During these inspections, many defects or issues can be easily detected. Some of these may require action even if cleaning is not needed.

When You Need a Chimney Inspection

You need a chimney inspection if you have not had your chimney inspected in the last year and you are burning fires in your wood-burning fireplace. Equally important, you will want a chimney inspection if you have not burned wood in your fireplace for a while. Before you burn, it is best to know if pests or rodents have taken up residence and caused any damage or blockage. A chimney inspection will reveal this knowledge for you.

You need a chimney inspection if you have had any performance issues with your fireplace.

You will want a chimney inspection if you have recently purchased a new home with a wood-burning fireplace, and it was not part of your initial inspection.

So again, before you hang the stockings by the chimney with care this holiday season, think about giving your chimney some care with an inspection and chimney sweep if necessary. This is part one of a two-part blog on Fire Hazards.

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