On a daily basis I help our customers scheduled their carpet cleaning appointments.  Most of our customers have pets and occasionally those pets have accidents, some accidents are worse than others.  When I’m talking to a customer about a particularly bad pet accident, I’m usually thinking of how lucky I am that my dog is healthy and well-behaved.

Well, all that changed last week.  After a particularly long day, I came home to find a rather disgusting mess in every carpeted room of my home.  I’ll save you the gross details, let’s just say that Gracie had a bad day and I had an even worse night cleaning up (to the best of my abilities) the mess she left behind.  It was hard to believe that such a cute, little dog could have created such a large mess (by the way, that’s Gracie)!


Thankfully, I knew the solution to my problem.  Our fantastic carpet cleaning technicians at ServiceMaster!  Luckily, one of our crews was in my part of town the next day and was able to clean my carpets.  I’m very happy to report that all of the spots came clean and my carpets look better than ever.  Also, Gracie is back to her healthy, well-behaved self!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, clean up what you can, and place a wet towel over the affected areas.  Then, grab your phone and call ServiceMaster!  We will be ready to help you when your four-legged friend throws you a curveball, like mine did.