Even though we work in the disaster restoration industry, we hope that you, the homeowner, will never need to use your homeowner’s insurance. Whether it’s smoke damage, fire damage, water damage, or vandalism clean-up, any in-home disaster is a challenging and stressful experience for any homeowner. Whether the impacted area is one room or your entire home, the fact that it’s your home makes none of these tasks minor. ServiceMaster Minneapolis deals with these types of mitigation projects on a regular basis because your house is one of the most significant investments you can make. 

water droplets image of a water swirl around a night skyline lit up at the end of a cone of water

A lack of coverage is one of the most common issues that any disaster restoration company will face when mitigating a loss. The sewer and sump pump rider is one of the most common items overlooked when purchasing insurance. This is generally not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. It is typically an add-on for $5-$20 per month.  Sewer and sump pump failures are two of the most common types of water damage claims we receive. Sewer damage can be quite costly to properly mitigate due to contamination concerns.  

It is critical to understand how your home is covered, as well as the specifics of your homeowner’s policy. Most insurance agents will gladly meet with you on a yearly basis to go over your policy. And, when buying a home and deciding on a policy, keep in mind that there isn’t always a right or wrong answer. Simply put, what works best for you. But put in the effort. Conduct your research. Understand exactly how you are protected. 

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Original Blog Posted February 20, 2014, https://www.servicemasterclr.com/homeowners-insurance-disaster-restoration/