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If you have carpet in your home or apartment and haven’t had to deal with it stinking up your home – consider yourself lucky.

For those of us that have had to battle nasty carpet odors, we can agree that learning how to fight against the smell right away can prevent a lot of gross work down the road.

So take 3 minutes and give this post a read. We’ll teach you how to remove odors from carpet, and keep your home smelling nice and normal

Even the nicest of rooms can be ruined by a foul-smelling carpet. There is a whole list of causes for carpet odors, including an excess of moisture, like spills or flooding. The wetness causes mold which in turn creates an unflattering smell. The way in which you clean your carpet can also have an effect. If you use the wrong chemicals, use too much water or don’t keep your equipment clean, you run the risk of making your carpet smell even worse. This is why every homeowner should learn how to remove odors from carpets the right way. It will save them money, and a lot of stink in the long run.

Surface Odor Removal

It’s important to note that there are two different types of odors that can occur on your carpet. The first is what is called a surface odor, which happens when something has been spilled or dropped on the carpet and that’s what causes the spill (like an accident from a pet or dropped food).

The first step in vanquishing surface odors is to grab some handy-dandy baking soda. This multipurpose powder is excellent for ridding your home of nasty smells. Sprinkle baking soda onto the area that smells and work it down into the fibers of your carpet using a broom. People are hesitant to use a lot of baking soda, but the more you put down, the better it will get rid of the odor. A top layer should be put on top of the area as well and then you should leave it there for at the very least a day (two is better).

When getting rid of the baking soda, sweep the top layer off with your broom and dustpan then vacuum the rest up. If the odor is still present, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. White vinegar, mixed with an equal part of water, should do the trick. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray over the surface of the carpet. Let it sit for 20 minutes before using a cloth to dab the vinegar out. Blot the area with a water rag and then use another rag to get any of the remaining water out.

If the odor still persists after it dries, repeat the process vinegar process until the smell is gone.

Another out-of-the-box treatment is to use cat litter. The main purpose of cat litter is to absorb odor, so it makes sense that it would work to get rid of any unpleasant odors. Simply set open containers of clean cat litter throughout the room, and make sure you change the litter regularly. Over time, it should absorb most of the odor.

Deep Odor Extraction

You may run into a smell that is caused by liquids and will be tougher to get out. When it comes to these types of odors, you’ll need to mix vinegar with some water carpet cleaning solution, such as isopropyl alcohol or a carpet shampoo. You’ll then need to either purchase or rent a carpet steamer. Pour the mixture into the liquid chamber of the carpet steamer and use as directed. If you aren’t comfortable using a steamer yourself, find a friend who has experience with steamers or call in a professional cleaner who will have their own cleaning machine.

If you find that the liquid damage has not only lead to odor but also mold problems. It is wise to do some investigating if you even think there might be a chance there is mold under your carpet. Call a professional cleaning service to help you find out if there is in fact mold and they will help you remove the carpet and treat the affected area if there is in fact mold.

Finding The Right At-Home Odor Removal Product

There is a myriad of reasons carpets begin to smell. Fortunately for you, many at-

how to remove odors from carpet

home cleaning products can prevent your carpet from needing professional help. You just have to stay on top of cleaning it.

If a specific spot is beginning to smell, begin by removing any stains in the area. There’s more than likely nasty bacteria hiding out in the remaining carpet stain. Once you have the stain out, treat the spot with a bit of baking soda. You want to create a thin layer of baking soda over the area where the stain was, so pour a bit out and spread it out evenly. Once you have the baking soda on, let it sit for a range of 2-12 hours depending on how bad the odor is. After you’ve let the baking soda sit for a good amount of time, pull out your vacuum and suck up any excess baking soda.

If the smell in your carpet is a bit deeper, or if you want to go the extra mile to get rid of it for good try applying some deep-cleaning product. For a really good at-home deep cleaning solution, check out this at home odor-fighting guide or check out our list of the best carpet stain removers.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What may be causing my carpet to smell in the first place?

There are numerous reasons a carpet will start to smell. It could be from pets, dirt, mold, or just going too many years without thoroughly cleaning it. There are many reasons your carpet may smell. Fortunately, there are a couple of key things you can do to get it smelling right again, most of which you can do at home with a good cleaner.

What can I do to keep my carpet from smelling bad?

The best way to keep your carpet from getting smelly is to go the extra mile to keep it clean in the first place. While you could bend over backward to keep your carpet clean all the time, the reality is your carpet was meant to be used and will naturally get dirty. The most practical thing you can do is clean it regularly to prevent it from smelling.

What cleaning product should I use to get my carpet smelling clean again?

There are more cleaning products for your carpet on the market than is necessary. Start by determining whether the smell is coming from deep within the carpet, or if it is just something on the surface. From there, you can narrow the number of cleaners down and make a decision based on what will actually remove the smell from your carpet.