Junk removal in Minneapolis is always easy when you call ServiceMaster. Avoid so many steps to get rid of the junk and clutter that you have and no longer want. Make one call to us. ServiceMaster is a professional junk removal and hauling service, here to help you with any size job. Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small.

Place the call today and watch your junk go away!

Is Junk Removal in Minneapolis costly?

Junk removal in Minneapolis is expensive if you pay for an entire truck, but at ServiceMaster, you pay for what we haul. Junk removal is not expensive when you call ServiceMaster because we give you an estimate of what it will cost upfront, and only charge you for what we take.

You can rest assured that you are getting the best deal when you are looking to clear out spaces in your home, business, or storage. We are a budget and discount junk removal professional team here to help with your needs. We have been clearing basements, attics, and storage units for many years.


Many choices for junk removal:

Junk removal in Minneapolis has many choices. We would like to be your first choice. Call us today for a free quote and estimate or we will just remove the items while we are there. We are your local junk cleanout company serving the Twin Cities metro area and Minneapolis.

What is your project?


Have an attic you need to convert? Do you have a shed you need to remove? Maybe you have business garbage leftover from a convention? We can take care of all of the garbage and junk removal needs you have. We are prepared to work on any project you have from one-time estate cleanouts to a pile of junk you need to be removed from the garage.


Remove it all.

Our main goal with junk removal is to leave nothing inside the space you are cleaning out. You can have a pile for us to throw away and remove, or we can help you go through the items. Especially if you are doing an estate cleanout, you will want a professional company to help you navigate and find any treasures before you remove the excess junk. A clean space looks fresh.

Find new places for the items you will keep. A clean space will help you feel like you have completed the job.

Will you recycle?


Next, you think about recycling. Junk removal in Minneapolis with ServiceMaster is environmentally friendly as well. Have peace of mind, knowing that we are environmentally friendly and recycle everything that we can. We actually enjoy rescuing items from the landfill. We will donate what we can and recycle what we are able to. Call ServiceMaster for junk removal in Minneapolis. We serve the entire Twin Cities metro area and do junk clean out any size job.

ServiceMaster is very good at tight squeezes and tricky staircases. We have been navigating high up out-of-the-way places for years. You can call on us. We do the hard work for you and save you the hassle of the many steps of pricing dumpsters, ordering dumpsters, scheduling pickups, and all the cleanup. ServiceMaster will bring our trucks right to your door and haul the junk away. We only charge you for what we haul.


We make junk removal and garbage cleanups easy.


junk removed from a garage including an old vwbug and danger signs