It was a newsworthy event, and prior to the biggest shopping day of the year.

Ridgedale Mall was busy with customers, and busy with construction, with a crew working a remodel at one end of the mall. A few sparks ignited the roof of Macy’s department store, where only a few days prior, ServiceMaster Minneapolis had begun mitigation for water damage, due to a broken sprinkler head. There was a moment of panic or those in the mall that day, though emergency response was swift. The fire department was able to extinguish the fire quickly. However, because of this, the building was once again flooded with water, and there was a rather pronounce smell of smoke throughout the department store, and it permeated through the storage areas as well.

Mitigation was now needed to ensure the products offered by the retailer were not subject to smoke damage, and there was water damage to tend to as well.

We received a call for emergency response not long after, and within minutes were on site with personnel to assess exactly what resources would be needed to clean the air (by using commercial grade air-scrubbers), extract water, and promote the drying process. Before the fire department had left the scene, we had a large crew working to clean and dry everything necessary to get Macy’s opened up the very same day, and in good enough time for their busiest day of the year… which, they were able to.



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