This winter has been a mild one for Minnesota, and we have not had to deal with the frigid cold temperatures, and snow like winters past.

However, that is not the case for everyone this winter, especially for the east coast folk. They are approaching record breaking snow totals, and Boston, MA will most likely surpass their record snowfall of 107.6 inches set the winter of 1995-1996.

With record breaking snow totals come, record destruction caused either by water primarily from ice dams and melting snow, or the sheer weight of the snow on the roofs can causing havoc on a structures.

So anytime there is an overwhelming number of catastrophic water damage like the kind cause by this such as: record snow totals, hurricane Sandy in 2012, or the flooding in Michigan last year; ServiceMasters across the Nation are asked to help with the mitigation.

This year to help with ice, water, and snow damage of Massachusetts we teamed up with ServiceMaster of St. Cloud and sent a team of five technicians and two vans from our own twin cities location along with a team from St. Cloud. The main focus of these teams has been helping clean off snow covered roofs to prevent future ice dams or structural damage, along with any other water damage caused by these storms.

This coming Friday will mark 2 weeks since the first team was sent and when they finish, the second team of technicians will make their long trek to MA in an effort to prevent future water damage and assist with current damages.

We don’t expect to prevent all the damage, but we just hope to make a difference in the end. Having said that I am sure we will have an ongoing presence in Massachusetts area the coming weeks to help with the thaw, and all that is associated with rapid melting. Everything from drain backups, failing sump pumps causing wet basements, seepage, and everything in-between.

To be continued…

ServiceMaster of Minneapolis proudly serves those in need regardless of geographic location!  Main focus helping the twin cities and surrounding areas we specialize in water damage, fire damage, smoke  damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.