The controlled burns are a great teaching point for young firemen to get the simulated real-life scenario and serve as a requirement to become a full-fledged fireman. The Le Sueur Fire Department may average three or four structure fires each year, so that doesn’t provide many opportunities for the younger firefighters to get a first-hand look at a fire before facing the real thing. But the veterans also benefit from the controlled burns.

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“We put crews together and we try to rotate those crews around so everybody is working with everybody else,” Obele said. “And it’s nice for us old bucks to get in, too. That’s the main thing – training, learning and safety – and this serves as a good reminder for our training. The reason you train all the time is so when you are in an emergency situation, you’re ready to go. It just comes natural.”

While the main intention is to train new recruits, controlled fires give an opportunity for veteran firefighters to determine how much water is needed for particular fires. This is because the main duty of a firefighter isn’t limited to the obvious; the important underlying job is to make sure that the effects are minimized. If too much water is used, it can cause more long term damage and thus undermine the purpose of putting out fire in the first place.

It’s not uncommon for services that offer disaster restoration in Minneapolis, Bloomington, and elsewhere in Minnesota to deal with water damage caused by fires. However, it is important for these services to employ a wide range of tools and expertise to counter the negative effects of water exposure on furniture, electronics, antiques, and others. Companies like ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, for instance, even offer temporary storage for damaged items in order to make on-site cleanup much faster.

Unfortunately, those who suffer from water damage may have trouble when it comes to compensation. Most insurance policies classify “water damage” as something that is caused by a storm. Even then, they have further guidelines in determining mold damage, gradual water damage, etc.

Thus, reliable restoration services will always be needed, especially ones that are willing to work with its customers on a personal basis. Much like what is demanded from Le Sueur firefighters, those that specialize in water damage restoration in Minneapolis, MN also need to respond quickly and efficiently when dealing with an emergency.

(From Le Sueur Fire Department practices with controlled burns, Le Sueur News Herald, September 7, 2013)