Each year basements flood across the Midwest when the mercury begins to rise. When this happens don’t be a victim of Water Damage. Follow this checklist in water damage prevention for the most common issues.

  1. Sump Pump (Sump pumps don’t last forever be sure it is working properly)

Make sure the pump is plugged in, upright, and clear of any debris that might clog the pump.

Test your pump to ensure it is in working order by dumping buckets of water into the pit where your pump is located to ensure it not only activates but also pumps out the water.

Check the outside sump hose to ensure it is connected tightly and draining away from the foundation. If it’s too short get an extension hose, because you don’t want the water you are pumping out to come back into your basement.

2. Downspouts

Make sure the downspouts are firmly connected and directed away from the property. In some cases get an extension to push the water further away from your foundation.

Ensure gutters are free of debris.

3. Miscellaneous

When turning your outside faucets on for the year, check the plumbing in the basement in case there are any broken pipes from freezing in the winter months.

Has your Sewer or Septic inspected to prevent any future issues related to a rainy spring season?

Check your insurance coverage to ensure you are protected against any unexpected flooding/seepage issues. You’d be surprised how many homeowners come up short when making a water damage claim.

Seal your concrete/block walls.

Make sure the grade of your lawn slopes away from your house. If not it can be professionally fixed.

When you apply these simple water damage prevention tactics to your household maintenance, you will save time and money. 

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