Summertime Fire Damage Prevention
Each summer in the Minneapolis area people spill out of their homes to embrace the good weather Minnesota has to offer on this side of the calendar.

A lot of us resort back to our primitive selves by playing with fire, controlling one of the most destructive forces on the face of the earth for our enjoyment. Across Minneapolis at any given time there are aromas of BBQ grills, smoke from bonfires, sights of tiki torches illuminating back yards, or the summertime scent of citronella candles to repel clouds of mosquitos.

When treated with respect and taking the proper precautions your relationship with fire is like a mutual agreement. You part of the deal is to feed its flames, and in return it will provide you with what you need like cooking power, entertainment, or smoke. However, if you are careless in your side of the deal and don’t treat it with the proper respect, it is a fickle beast, and it will turn on you in an instant.

A pleasant Twin Cities night with the family could make a turn for the worst and become a nightmare no one would ever forget. So take advantage of these simple tips to keep your night full of enjoyable memories by preventing a fire damage:
BBQ Fire Damage Prevention:

Clean out the grease trap – if there is buildup it is a ticking time bomb waiting to ignite.
Know your meat – When grilling fattier pieces of meat like pork ribs, porterhouse steak, 70/30 hamburger, bacon, etc, you need to be diligently monitoring your grill. These cuts of meat can be just as flammable as throwing gasoline on a flame. (I speak from experience) If you have a flare up, remove the meat (if possible), put the lid on, turn off the gas, or close the dampers to deprive the flames of oxygen.
Do not spray lighter fluid on a lit flame – it has the potential to flash back into the can and explode. Also keep the can away from any open flames.
Do not overfill your propane tank, and make sure the hoses and gaskets are in good shape – Leaky hoses, seals, and tanks can cause quite an explosion.
When finished with coals, douse them with water and stir them up to make sure they are extinguished.
Don’t wear loose clothing – (1) Because of the obvious, you don’t want to catch on fire, but (2) you don’t want to be constantly dragging sleeves through BBQ sauce.
Make sure your grill is a safe distance from your home or items that can be damaged by heat. It can warp or burn you vinyl siding at a distance of 2 feet because both charcoal and propane grills can reach temperatures between 500°F to 700°F.
Never grill indoors – You need plenty of fresh air because a grill gives off enough carbon monoxide to kill you.

Bonfire Fire Damage Prevention:

Contact your city to find out the rules around backyard fires.
Warn neighbors before you have a bonfire.
Burn dry material that produces less smoke.
Make sure there is nothing above the area you are burning or that could otherwise catch fire.
Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of emergencies.
Do not leave your bonfire unattended.
Do not throw flammable, hazardous, toxic, or explosive material in the flame. Such as but not limited to fireworks, plastic, garbage, chemicals and/or their empty containers, aerosol cans, etc. (pretty much if it’s not firewood don’t burn it).
Extinguish the flames and embers when finished for the evening.
Be a safe distance from your property, fence, trees, and automobiles.
Keep vulnerable critters away from the flames (i.e. kids and pets).
Keep the size of the fire manageable and don’t make it larger than needed, too small is better than too big!

Hopefully by following these steps will help you prevent a fire damage from happening, but if you find yourself in a fire damage predicament. Call 9-1-1/local Fire Department, and then call the fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Minneapolis to help put your life back together.

ServiceMaster of Minneapolis proudly serves the Twin Cities Area, and surrounding areas. We not only specialize in carpet cleaning, but we also provide services for water damage, fire damage/smoke damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.