The concerns of those in charge of operating a small business can be boiled down to one core concept— uncertainty. Often, because margins can be rather slim, because a few people or more rely upon its operation for their livelihood.  And anything that causes a business to miss precious hours of operation can be quite damaging, can cause a great uncertainty. The bills of all parties involved don’t stop because a sprinkler head blew overnight, or because of fire damage. Something as disastrous as this occurs, it really leave only one thing to be certain— everything must be restored to the pre-damaged condition, and it must be done as detailed and as efficiently as possible in order to get the doors back open to the public, and for the sake of all parties involved. The bills don’t stop. The world keeps moving.

Monday evening, 3/17, ServiceMaster Minneapolis received call and confirmation on a new commercial fire-loss for Saxon Lanes in Little Canada, MN. The initial details of the loss were reported on by the local CBS affiliate as can be seen in this link—

Shortly after the initial on-site meeting convened between ServiceMaster Minneapolis representatives and the other involved parties, the initial equipment used to mitigate the damage was loaded up, brought over to the site, and set to help dry the scene (a good amount of water from the fire hoses) and scrub the air of the strong odor of the soot and smoke.

Throughout the course of the work-week to follow, 12+ technicians worked the premises of Saxon Lanes, from end-to-end. Because of their diligence, direction, and expertise, the restoration of this commercial property has exceeded expectations in terms of the time frame, as well as the appearance of the site.

Kitchen walls and affects, flat screen TVs and seats, balls and ball-returns, structure of all types… everything in the alley in need of detail was detailed.

Large commercial grade Hepa Filters hummed away, filtering the air of the remnants and particles and odor from the fire… as the carpeting was cleaned and sanitizing agents were applied… as the tile floors, the approach areas, and all other hard surfaces were all detailed and restored…

The hope was on Monday, 3/17, to have the project completed by Saturday so Saxon Lanes could resume business as soon as possible. The plan was to make that hope a reality. The plan seemed ambitious, and was… and so was everyone involved with making it happen. The end result of that ambition, as it appears today, Thursday 3/20, Saxon Lanes will be open Friday night.

Restored earlier than hoped.