The horror. Could you imagine?

You’ve just spent your hard earned money on professional carpet cleaning. Your old nylon was looking fresh off the roll. And based on the recommendation of the carpet cleaning technician, you added a protective coating to it as well. And the very next day, you spill the toughest thing to remove from anything— coffee, with creamer, on this same carpet.

Hey, accidents happen.

Thankfully, ServiceMaster Minneapolis is sensitive to these situations. We know that even with added the insurance of a carpet protectant such as 3M scotchgard, time is of the essence with tannin dyes (coffee or tea), and if not properly remedied in a timely fashion, the outcome can be, well, permanent. That same day ServiceMaster Minneapolis was able to get out to a job finished just the prior afternoon.

The coffee, even the higher concentration of the spill, rinsed clean out of a white nylon Berber and even though it had dried. It did so, primarily because of one reason— the carpet protectant had kept the spilled coffee at the surface, rather than allowing it to sink in to the fibers. And, upon this rather unfortunate demonstration (again, carpet protectant is like insurance, you hope to never use it, but if you need to you’re sure glad you purchased it), something rather important happened. Namely, the customer who had purchased the product based on the recommendation of the technician, was made to believe that the product purchased was one of high value.

The best way to know something does indeed work, is to see how it works for you.


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