The Mother Nature Network website explored the potential of vinegar as a carpet cleaning solution. While a green option and effective to some degree, it can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing:

What I have found, however, is that when it comes to “green” cleaning, sometimes the technique is just as important as the ingredients. Case in point: vinegar as a carpet cleaner. It works, and it works really well, but you can’t just dump it on and wipe it up like it’s one of those industrial strength, neon blue, store-bought monsters. It takes a little more attention. A little finesse. And with much practice (thank you, dear doggie), I finally perfected the method. All you need is a spray bottle with a solution of half vinegar/half water, and a few old cleaning towels.

Carpet cleaning can be a horribly frustrating chore for any person, especially for those who have pets or small children. Stains can be stubborn things, and while it’s tempting to use high strength industrial cleaning agents to wash them off, some chemicals can damage fabric permanently. Fortunately, there are professionals who perform carpet cleaning in Minneapolis that can take care of even the most delicate rugs.

The thing about carpets is that it’s near impossible to prevent stains from forming on them because they’re meant to be stepped on. They also need to be cleaned occasionally even if they’re not in use to reduce the amount of dust and other unsavory particulates that can cause respiratory diseases if left unattended and allowed to multiply.

It’s a tricky procedure to clean carpets, especially since most textiles used to create them are very finicky and fragile. It takes just one wrong detergent to completely ruin its color. To be on the safe side, residents should just leave the tidying up to a Minneapolis carpet cleaning service like ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration. Home remedies can be tempting because they’re cheap; while some of them can work with the right application, if you make a mistake, how much money will you spend to replace or restore your original Persian rug?

(From We tested it: Vinegar as a carpet cleaner, Mother Nature Network, September 3, 2013)