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Sometimes we don’t think where our shoes have been, and they can cause smelly carpets.

Smelly carpets signal that it is time for a professional carpet cleaning. Smelly carpets may sometimes occur because your shoes smell. We tend to wear our shoes and sandals barefoot in the summer and we run around shoeless in our homes, transferring odors from our feet to the carpets. Sometimes, this is just surface odor and can be vacuumed up, but other times, smelly carpets are a reminder that it is time to get our carpets professionally cleaned. Your smelly carpets serve as that reminder.

A quick story:

Just think of where your shoes have been and imagine this scenario…..
There was a guy, who owned a zoo…there is a movie about that now.
He woke up in the middle of the night to a nightmare where he had eaten his shoe.
Surely, he would die because that shoe had been into the lions’ den where there was rotting food on the den floor. He had been in the monkey pen, where there was poo all over the place. He cleaned the donkey and stood in the hair. He was covered in sloth snot, as was the sloth sanctuary.

At the MN Zoo, there is a farm and there can be animal manure that is stepped in. Not to mention horses, pigs, and sheep pens that you might walk through.

There are a lot of places that the man who owned the zoo could get dirty and bring that dirt into his home. His nightmare was that he ate the shoe that touched all the dirt. That is what our carpets do.

How it happens:

Smelly carpets happen when our carpet fibers are compromised with dirt, dander, and dust. Summer humidity levels can release trapped dirt from the fibers and make them smell.

The man who owns the zoo is only an illustration of how poorly we take care of where we step. Many homes require you to leave your shoes outdoors or in the garage. When you change into a pair of house shoes, you help keep your carpets cleaner. You train yourself to leave the dirt and grime of the zoo, or the out of doors, outside. This helps prevent smelly carpets.

The story with the man who owns the zoo is a little rhyme. His nightmare ends in disaster, but he can call ServiceMaster. ServiceMaster is a professional carpet cleaning company. Not only do they specialize in carpet cleaning, but they provide many services. Smelly carpets will not prevail.

ServiceMaster does more than clean carpets!

ServiceMaster also provides services in disaster restoration, trauma cleanup, fire damage, smoke damage, mold removal as well as vandalism cleanup, window cleaning, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration.

Finally, we want you to think of the yellow van before you have a disaster. Put us in your phonebook and you will have us on speed dial if there is ever an emergency you need help with. Our phones are monitored 24/7/365. We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction. 100% of the time.

Call us today to get your smelly carpets cleaned professionally!

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This is a rewrite of a blog published on March 26, 2015. You can read the original version of the lengthy poem about the man who lived in a zoo, here.