one pair tennis shoes, one pair sandals on smelly carpet
Deodorize shoes in the summer months if you experience smelly carpets

Smelly carpets are a real problem in the summer. It is now July, and we are in the thick of summertime here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where humidity levels reach all-time highs. This can cause the carpets in your home to release trapped odors. When smelly carpets are in your house, you want to act quickly.


Smelly carpets can ruin your day, especially if you are planning to have people over. People complain in the summertime of the musty smell and carpets smelling like feet because we tend to run around barefoot more often. Be sure to deodorize shoes; musty smelling shoes may be your problem.


You first need to determine if you are dealing with a musty smell, caused by mold and need a mold mitigation service, or just a nasty smelly carpet in which you should run a dehumidifier and the air conditioning in your home. Never dump pure baking soda onto your whole carpets to clean them. Use pure baking soda for spot cleaning only, or in a vinegar-water solution for spot cleaning. If you are looking for carpet deodorizers, this is what you are looking for, but remember, this only adds scent to your carpet.


These carpet deodorizers have granules 5-7 times that of pure baking soda. It will vacuum up and is safer for you to breathe. Pure baking soda has very fine particulate matter and is not good for vacuuming your whole carpet.


Smelly Carpets in Summertime:

The summertime in the Midwest is a particularly hard time for carpets. The fibers release the natural odor with the humidity levels that rise. If you find yourself with smells that will not go away, be sure you are trying to keep your home as dry as possible. You think that opening windows will help clear the air, but you are adding humidity to your home. Running your air conditioner or a dehumidifier will be helpful

for smelly carpets. You can call us to help with the smells in your carpet as our high-powered suction and heat-activated water will clean your carpets including the pad. We will remove all the odors, the correct way.


Smelly Carpets in General:

Sometimes you are up at the cabin, filleting fish, and the smell lingers. Sometimes you are at home and your carpets begin to remind you of that smell when there are no fish nearby. You will want to get your carpets professionally cleaned. We do not recommend renting a carpet cleaner. Read here why.


There are other things you can do to keep your carpets smelling fresh.


Freshening Agents:

Never sprinkle your entire carpet with baking soda and vacuum; always purchase the specific carpet deodorizers. It is an easy fix when humidity levels rise, but to remove the odors from carpets, you will want a professional carpet cleaning. We do not recommend plugins to help with carpet odors either.


Consider professional carpet cleaning when you have smelly carpets.


In Conclusion

When you find yourself with smelly carpets, first determine the cause. If you have smelly carpets because of too much humidity, run a dehumidifier and turn on your air conditioning. Opening windows for fresh air only adds to the humidity levels in your home. If you have musty smells from mold, you will

need a mitigation service and can contact us here for an evaluation.


Smelly carpets are serious business in the summertime. It is our business. Call us to schedule a professional cleaning today!