They don’t call it a mudroom for nothing. But really, after a long winter tracking can dull the hard surface of any room. Porous, unsealed grout can readily absorb dirt, salt, and whatever else may be tracked on the tile. This can happen even if the floors are mopped and cared for regularly. And, to think, it used to look so good.

Whether it’s the tile and grout in your kitchen, shower stall, bathroom, entry, or the aforementioned mudroom, ServiceMaster Minneapolis can help restore that same tile and grout to the cleanest and most pristine condition possible.



While cleaning tile and grout, ServiceMaster Minneapolis employs a high-pressure hot water extraction method. The attachments used are hooked up to a pressure line, as well as a high powered suction line, and much like carpet cleaning, the dirt and build up is rinse and vacuumed simultaneously, with the recovered water being drawn back to the van, in to a disposal tank. Before extraction, depending upon buildup and the frequency of cleaning, the technician will likely agitate the grout with a nylon grout brush, or the floor as well with a high powered rotary floor scrubber (in larger areas such as a kitchen).

Most will have this service done every 1 to 2 years, with some variance in either direction depending on usage. Kitchens, due to grease and food spills, as well as being one of the more heavily used areas in your home should be tended to more frequently.

And, as mentioned before, grout is rather porous. Sealing the grout after the cleaning will help prevent future damage to it. A good sealer can lasts up to 2 years, allowing added assurance for you in the upkeep of your home.

No matter what the tile is: ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or others, ServiceMaster Minneapolis has the experience and the equipment to restore your flooring to the best possible condition, and the sealants to help keep it that way.



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