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Use a humidifier. Winter air is dry, and the lack of moisture in the air makes it feel even colder. Use a humidifier to make the air in your home feel warmer. Plus, your skin will thank you.

Electric blanket. Five minutes before you climb in bed, turn on an electric blanket. When it is nice and toasty throw another blanket on top to keep the heat trapped. Turn the electric blanket off, and climb in bed. Cozy dreams.

Keep your head and feet warm. Any part of your body that is exposed will allow heat to escape. Don’t be afraid to wear your chunky knit caps indoors. Also, invest in some thick, wooly socks.

Warm Beverage. Warm your hands and your insides with a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee.

Layers. Layer your clothes. A little bit of warm air will get trapped in between each layer of clothing.

Throw blankets. Keep throw blankets all over your house. Who does not love to curl up with a comfy throw?

Bake. Cook something in your oven then leave the oven door open slightly afterward to allow the heat to escape. You can do the same with your dishwasher and dryer (careful with this if you have overly curious pets or small children)

Go old school. Fill a sock with rice. Sew or tightly knot the end. Heat your new warming pad in the microwave. Stick it at bottom of your sheets for toasty feet. (Get creative here! Try a knee length sock or even ½ of an old pair of leggings to fit the size of your bed.

Simmer something. Make a pot of soup to warm your belly. Alternatively, fill a pot with a little water, some orange peel, and some cinnamon for diy stove top potpourri. The liquid will evaporate as it simmers warming your kitchen.

Pocket warmers. Stick hand warmers in your sweater/hoodie pockets. Stick your hands in any time they need a warm up. Disposable hand and foot warmers are on sale at Costco right now. Also consider DIY reusable hand warmers.