Mold Growth Requires Immediate Attention

Posted on April 23, 2021.

Mold Growth Requires Immediate Attention

Mold grows anywhere moisture is present. You can find it inside HVAC ducts and inside cavities, in attics, and in basements. You can find it outdoors on siding and shingles, or inside in your grout. 

Mold can trigger allergies in humans. Some molds are toxic. Toxic molds are rare, usually incurring only in indoor environments that have been damaged, flooded, or closed up for long periods of time 

If you find yourself in need of mold remediation services, call ServiceMasterWe are mold remediation specialists, helping to restore your structures to their original condition in the quickest time frame possible, with the least amount of disruption. 

Taking care of mold has many easy fixes:  

 Showers –  

Small amounts of visible mold that buildup in the shower can be addressed by using an ammonia-based product to clean the surfacesRemoving moldy caulk and resealing the affected area with mold-resistant caulk will remedy the situation and prevent future mold growth. Install a ventilation fan in the bathroom to expel moisture during baths and showers. 


Clean out the gutters. This is a super easy fix for many water problemsStanding water in gutters can lead to leaks inside your home. The moisture is held close to the house and ultimately leaks to the interior walls and surfaces. Install gutter guard products to help keep your gutters clean to avoid the hassle and injury risk of cleaning them out every seasonLook at how the LeafGuard system keeps gutters clean and functioning properly year-round 


Caulk leaking windows. Windows may show signs of mold growth or water penetration. Re-caulk those windows immediately and check windows every fall and spring for new leaks. 

 Fix leaks- 

Moisture and heat rise. Look in the attic for signs of leakage. If your roof is leaking, fix it. Also, look in the basement or crawlspace for signs of moisture against or behind walls.  You can learn all about fixing leaks and searching for leaks within your home with this blog post here. Look under cabinets and behind walls. All leaks should be fixed.  

 Reduce moisture- 

Keep the air moving throughout the house with fans and air conditioning throughout hot and humid summer months. Be sure to have a vent system in your kitchen. Reduce moisture levels in your shower and bathrooms by running a fan after you have showered. Keep windows and doors closed in the basement. A dehumidifier set to 55% will greatly reduce the ability for mold growth. 

 These easy fixes help keep mold out of your home. If you find mold, especially if it is black, call a professional. Contact us at ServiceMaster, we can promptly remediate your mold problem. 

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