If you are a homeowner, it is important for you to have a relationship with a tree trimming company. For various and many reasons, trees are important for our homes, neighborhoods, and ecosystems.

Trees Pose Threats:

Trees can pose many potential threats to the homes around them. It may not be your tree that lands on your roof during a torrential downpour, but if there is a tree on your property, you are responsible if it falls on your neighbor’s house. Trees can do significant damage.

According to leaf & Limb, trees can do excessive damage when not properly maintained. Read more about the specifics here/  https://www.leaflimb.com/how-to-prevent-tree-damage/

Healthy trees are less likely to damage property.

Hire a Tree Trimming Company:

Developing a relationship with a tree trimming company is like any other disaster service. You want to know who you plan to call when the need arises.

Having a relationship with a tree trimming company helps when there is storm damage, and everyone in your neighborhood is looking for help to remove large limbs. Sometimes tree trimming companies take care of existing customers before adding new customers to their rosters.

Trees can damage your home in the winter months as well. Ice storms bring large branches down on your homes.

Healthy trees add value to your property. Maintained and well-trimmed trees shed fewer branches and that means there is less upkeep when storms do blow through.


Healthy trees are important to your property values. Trees add significant value to your property, so don’t ignore their care.


Tips to Consider when Hiring a Tree Trimming Company:


Verify the company is licensed and bonded.

There should be licensing procedures in your county or city, and the tree trimming company must adhere to those regulations in order to be licensed. Licensing and bonding mean the tree trimming company has insurance. They will carry liability in case something goes wrong with your property or a neighbor’s property while they are working on your trees. It also means they treat their workers fairly and carry worker’s compensation. Usually, a list of licensed contractors will be available to view on your city website

Obtain a written estimate and sign a written contract.

You will want to know the total cost of the work to be performed upfront. You will also want to have a written description of the work to be performed on your trees. Be sure the written estimate and contract clarify who is responsible for the cleanup of limbs and debris. A written contract will also detail the dates of the work to be performed.


Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints:

You can check the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against them. You may wish to receive recommendations for the company from friends and family, or from Next Door or on Facebook.  Do your due diligence and check any recommendations you receive.


Trees Can Do Significant Damage:


If a tree breaks through your roof, you can have water damage.  If you have water damage, you can call ServiceMaster. We are experts at restoration from water damage and you can call us 24/7/365/.


Tree trimming may have helped this large tree which fell on a house during a summer storm
A very large tree fell on a house during a summer storm in MN. Tree trimming may have helped identify the problems beforehand.


A large tree is removed from the roof of a home where it fell in a summer storm
The tree is removed and a tarp will be placed. A bucket is used for tree trimming and removal.  A tarp will be in place until the roof can be repaired.


A large tarp covers the damage to the roof.
Although a large tarp covers the damage to the roof, water may have entered and water damage may have occurred. You can call ServiceMaster when you call the roofers and they can work together to protect your property from water damage.