Jason Sullivan, a longtime employee at ServiceMaster in our fire division, has recently experienced his own devastation from a fire loss. As he stood there and watched his house burn and unable to do anything, he realized the true devastation and helplessness a home owner feels when in this awful situation.

Jason said the day of the fire his wife complained of a strange smell she had noticed throughout the day, so Jason decided to do a little bit of research and realized that it was coming from the air exchanger. As he addressed the situation by removing the cover on the air exchanger flames poured out and in little to no time engulfed the entire house.

The day after a fire is usually the most overwhelming, not knowing where to start or what to do. Without any hesitation Jason involved ServiceMaster to help sort through the confusion and start the slow process of restoring his house back into a home. The ServiceMaster crew arrived early the next morning to try to recover items from the home. Jason, as in most people in this situation, was worried about recovering items that held sentimental value such as pictures and old family heirlooms. He knew from his work experience that it wouldn’t take long for the water and soot to ruin such items.

The crew found many items that will go directly to our facility to begin the restoration process. During this process a list is created of the items that will be salvaged and cleaned and there will also be another list created for any contents that are not salvageable. The non-salvageable list will then be turned into the insurance company for reimbursement. Once the home has been properly inventoried and packed out of any salvageable contents ServiceMaster then moves the contents back to their facility for cleaning and storage until the home has been reconstructed.

Jason’s identified that going through this experience has given him a greater perspective on the emotional damage the fire causes versus being the outsider trying to help. He knows this experience will definitely help to sympathize and show more compassion to his future customers.