A September 5, 2013 article on the CBS Minnesota website reports about a ruptured water line in the city of Minneapolis. The pipeline caused extensive water damage to several properties in residential and commercial districts.

Officials said the break happened on St. Anthony Main near Tuggs Tavern, which is on the 200 block of Main Street SE. The break apparently happened on a privately owned water line and is not maintained by the city of Minneapolis. Authorities responded to the situation early Thursday morning and had the water shut off in the area by 4:30 a.m.

Officials said more than five feet of water is in the basement of Aster Café on the street. It’s a building that was built in 1852 and is believed to be the oldest brick building in Minneapolis. It may need to be completely gutted.

Letting floodwater get in your home is a serious problem in numerous ways. You will be unable to access parts of your home, your electrical systems and appliances will most likely be ruined, and your furniture will be all messed up. Whenever something like this happens, companies that clean up water damage in Minneapolis, like ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, are there to help.

Despite being called “water damage,” it is never composed purely of water; runoff usually has traces of mud, garbage, chemicals, and other junk picked up from streets and sewers, and none of these materials are good for your home or health. Toxic waste can even be driven into your home, and this can cause severe diseases if you or your children come into contact with it. Even after it all dries up, microbial and mold growth could still lurk around the corners of every room.

To properly reverse the destruction caused by floods, residents can call upon a Minneapolis water damage restoration company. Using specialized equipment, they can drain out water and clean out both stains and germs; from the walls down to the floor, professionals can restore a home back to its original condition. Thus, if your home was recently flooded, don’t hesitate to contact professionals because you wouldn’t want your children to get sick because of residual waste that you failed to clean up by yourself.

(From Water Line Break Causes Major Damage In Minneapolis, CBS Minnesota, September 5, 2013)