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When you have damage to your home or business, there are insurance companies, adjusters, coordinators, and industry techs that you must deal with. At ServiceMaster, we take care of all the insurance needs related to your restoration for you.  We have layers of supervision to ensure your satisfaction. Documentation is key. There is an overwhelming number of details, as outlined by legal desire, with their information on fire damage and insurance claims here.


At ServiceMaster, we have a team of individuals working for you.  What we do at ServiceMaster is individual to our company, it is not necessarily what the industry standard holds.  Our individuals include:


When you call ServiceMaster with a job involving Damage and Restoration, we get right to work for you.  Our coordinators take care of everything.  It is part of our customer service; we love to help. Our coordinators manage the process of your home or commercial restoration. From start to finish, they work with your insurance team to alleviate your stress and complete the project.


Every single project gets an estimator. Estimators work in the field, in close contact with coordinators. The estimator speculates on what needs to be done, and then sends technicians into the project and together, they determine underlying issues or relevant work that must accompany the project to ensure the project is complete. Our estimators are incredibly good at knowing details needed to be included on an insurance claim and can be fairly accurate in their estimates. They know exactly what needs to be done to restore your home or business to tip-top shape.  Our estimators are well trained and highly specialized.  Every job has an estimator out in the field, working directly with your claim and our team.


Our technicians are trained and professional.  They work directly with you and our team to take care of all your insurance needs. Our technicians document and take notes on all aspects of your project so that the insurance companies have everything they need to provide the coverage your project requires. Many notes must be applied to documentation and our technicians are trained to do this. They are also the front-line individuals that will determine, with our estimators any additional underlying needs and complete the project efficiently.


Our supervisors come out and oversee the entire process. Supervisors understand the scope of work for your commercial or residential property and can work directly with the coordinators and estimators who understand the software the insurance companies are using with their updated price lists. The price lists for what is allowed for certain restorations are updated often. Our supervisors, estimators, and coordinators stay on top of this knowledge for you and provide this as part of our services.


You can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of when you call ServiceMaster for disaster restoration.  There are a tremendous number of moving pieces to put a business or a home back together after a loss of any kind.  We are happy to coordinate the services of our estimators, coordinators, technicians, and supervisors with your insurance.